Martin Rouleau, the Realtor

With a career spanning over two decades, Martin Rouleau is a leading figure in Montreal's luxury residential real estate market, particularly noted for his significant impact in Westmount. Boasting close to 1,500 successful transactions, he has quickly established himself as a benchmark through his unwavering commitment to his clients, his evident integrity, and a collaborative approach with colleagues.

Martin began his academic journey by standing out at Collège Jean-de-Brébeuf, before earning his bachelor's degree in business administration from Concordia University. His transition to real estate, following an experience in hospitality and customer service, was a natural evolution that combined his sense of service with his business acumen.

His constant desire for professional development leads him to regularly deepen his understanding of the legal aspects of real estate. Innovating in brand image and marketing strategies, he always ensures he is at the forefront of technology and current trends. His active and strategic presence on social media demonstrates his ongoing pursuit of excellence and innovation.

Martin distinguished himself within ENGEL&VÖLKERS by becoming the first 'PRIVATE OFFICE' broker in Quebec in 2016, a prestigious brand in international luxury real estate. That same year, he joined the President's Circle for his outstanding performance in Canada. His talent and commitment were hailed on the world stage in Hamburg in 2018, where he ranked in the TOP 10 residential real estate professionals among more than 10,000 brokers worldwide (ENGEL&VÖLKERS).

Martin is more than just a realtor; he is a trusted advisor and an essential partner for an exceptional buying or selling experience.

Martin Rouleau

Martin, Beyond Real Estate

From an early age, I've always been attracted to elegance and luxury in fashion, interior design, and gastronomy. Coming from a family of entrepreneurs, I had the privilege of traveling early in life. These journeys allowed me to discover places like Paris, Tokyo, and Catania, each leaving an indelible imprint on my appreciation of beauty.

Interior design has always had a special place in my heart, as my library, rich with hundreds of books on the topic, attests. I owe much of my knowledge to my close ties with some of the country's most renowned designers and to my cousin Daniel, a true artist and family reference for good taste and art history.

Outside of my professional life, I am a proud godfather to Henri-William and Anna-Beatrice. Despite a busy schedule, family ties are central to my life, and I am committed to always being there for them.

As a lover of fine dining, I find joy in renowned Montreal establishments such as L'Express, Le Muscadin, and Da Emma. These restaurant moments are opportunities for relaxation, where I can respond to urgent messages in a soothing setting while enjoying a good meal.

Finally, the presence of my cats, Pompom and Colette, adds warmth to my daily life. Their companionship is a true treasure, and their gentle purring is the perfect way to unwind after a busy day.