Engel & Volkers Montreal - Nathalie Elkouby

Nathalie Elkouby 住宅房产经纪人

法律行业出身并在慈善领域拥有超过15年的经验,成功领导了诸多重大筹款活动与项目。Nathalie 作为一名值得信赖的顾问,在蒙特利尔最好的机构建立了良好的声誉。多年来,凭借其无与伦比的谈判技巧与建立信任和持久关系的天分,她赢得了无数的赞誉,有很多的成功故事。


Engel & Volkers Montreal - Samuel Larocque

Samuel Larocque 住宅房产经纪人

Samuel主攻蒙特利尔的高端住宅销售。他的敬业精神、 诚信与工作质量让他成为一名深受同事与客户推崇的优秀地产经纪。 通过参与各种新型建设项目,如国际知名工程YOO蒙特利尔, Samuel学习开发了一套在房地产营销方面的技巧。多年来,他还不断学习如何与其客户发展信任关系。

Engel & Volkers Montreal - Irene Thanasi

Irene Thanasi 住宅房产经纪人 | 房源协调员 | 行政助理

Irene 毕业于 Concordia 大学 J.M.S.B 商业所,主修国际商业管理,同一时间也在房产业迈出第一步。因此,在体验到该行业的机会与多元性之后,她决定成为一个合格的房地产经纪人,并此也在管理住宅区发展开发方面获得了许多宝贵的经验。她的目标是为每个客户提供高品质的客户导向体验,以及以客户为中心的团队服务。因为对房产业的热情以及高水平的团队,Irene总是挂着最亲切的笑容

Engel & Volkers Montreal - Renée Violette

Renée Violette 住宅房产经纪人

Renée毕业于拉瓦大学(University Laval),主修英语语言学与公共关系,她的职业生涯始于魁北克城, 曾在现隶属TVA Network的电视台工作。在迁居到蒙特利尔后,她决定把事业重新定位在房地产。与此同时, 她还选修了室内设计。地产经纪的工作让她有机会与许多人接触,并施展其在室内设计和装潢学上学到的知识。她的耐心与组织能力, 以及善于轻松应对任何情况的能力,都是认识她的人和她同事们最欣赏的品质。

Engel & Volkers Montreal - Samuel Lacoursière

Samuel Lacoursière 住宅房产经纪人

Sam has built a reputation founded on exemplary customer service. His primary objective is absolute client satisfaction, and he strives to deliver at every opportunity. Sam started his Real Estate career at the age of 19 selling new construction properties on behalf of major Montreal developers, having previously held a management position in the largest Yacht club in the province for several years.

Since becoming a broker, Sam has continued to enhance his skills through a variety of training programs and literature. He conducts an abundance of due diligence for every transaction, putting him in a position to better negotiate, whether to buy or sell a property.

He has been passionate about real estate and design his entire life, and continues to thrive in that environment.

Engel & Volkers Montreal - Lianne Lamothe

Lianne Lamothe Marketing Co-ordinator & Executive Assistant

Lianne is a strong communicator and certified TESL teacher qualified to teach English to foreign living audiences. With 10+ years, excelling in administrative functions in the real estate industry, Lianne also adds 20+ years in sales and has held various management positions in the fast-paced fashion industry. Lianne exercises her creative skills through her passion that lies in all that is associated with marketing, including social media and print material. A keen eye for aesthetics and attention to detail, Lianne prides herself in reliability, honesty and commitment to excellence. Lianne can be trusted to find the positive in all situations!